LeiSHield Kick off Meeting, Paris, 23-25 March 2014

A new collaborative action to study leishmaniasis in LeishRIIP partner countries


LEISHIELD is a new collaborative action to determine prevalence, anticipate emergence and assess urbanization of cutaneous and visceral leishmaniasis in LeishRIIP partner countries.

LeishRIIP provides a novel platform to coordinate efforts in Leishmania research across member institutions of the Reseau International des Instituts Pasteur (RIIP, Institut Pasteur International Network). LeishRIIP aims to promote exchange and discussion between partners, to identify synergisms and complementarities between individual projects, and to increase our competitiveness for national and international funding.

Currently, LeishRIIP covers 9 Institutes with a total of 16 laboratories involved. From 23 to 25 March the LEISHIELD kick off meeting took place in Paris, France. Elisa Cupolillo from Fiocruz and Israel Cruz from ISCIII-WHO-CCL, both partners in EUBRazilCloudConnect, attended the meeting as LEISHIELD external members where they presented the status of Molecular Surveillance of Leishmaniasis in Spain and gave an overview of Leishmania infantum with a focus on the correlation between parasite diversity and the transmission cycle of the disease. Fiocruz and ISCIII-WHO-CC's expertise will help in the coordination of the molecular typing methodology to be used along the project.

LEISHIELD involves researchers working in the field of leishmaniasis from 10 different institutions:

The work related to EUBrazilCloudConnect Use Case 1 and the developmetn of a Leishmaniasis Virtual Lab is very timely for the development of LeiSHield and synergies can between the 2 communities.

More information about the LeishRIIP network are available here http://www.leishriip.org/network.html