About Fogbow, the middleware for on-demand usage of resources. Interview with Francisco Brasileiro, UFCG. Cloud Pugfest in London, December 2014

Among the several tools developed within the EUBrazilCloudConnect project there is Fogbow, a middleware enabling a federation of private clouds for on-demand usage of resources.

The idea behind Fogbow is that each private cloud administrator has complete autonomy to define which stack of software to run, and how to define the usage policies. Then, Fogbow provides functionalities that allow users to use resources in any private cloud of the federation.

At EUBrazilCC we just released a new version of Fogbow which provides support for both OpenStack and OpenNebula via OCCI. This new version also provides authorization and authentication using VOMS server to enable Virtual Organisation access control. The integration of our work on EGI cloud is now straightforward.

Interview filmed on 12 December 2014 in London at the Cloud Plugfest. Courtesy of Primeur Magazine.

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