Alfonso Ríos Alonso, Indra Sistemas, Spain

Cloud Computing Director of Indra Sistemas, Spain

"I can provide to the EUBrazil Cloud Connect project all my experience and expertise in Cloud technologies. I lead several projects related with a complete suite of services of a native Cloud technology which enables the cloud adoption of not cloud based applications"

In 1.999 Alfonso Ríos Alonso founded Helide where G technology was created. Then he merged his company and has been CEO, CTO and director of several companies, among maatG Knowledge which belonged to Caja Rural de Toledo and Gnubila, an Indra Sistemas’ company. He has also managed companies in several countries including France, Switzerland and Colombia. He is the main developer of G technology, Gnubila's main asset and one of the major cloud platforms in the industry according to Gartner who has mentioned G technology in the last Magic Quadrant report for Application Platform as a Service.  Alfonso serves as a Cloud Computing Director of Indra Sistemas since March 2013.