Big data analytics for climate change and biodiversity in the EUBrazilCC federated cloud infrastructure

Abstract: The analysis of large volumes of data is key for knowledge discovery in several scientific domains such as climate, astro- physics, life sciences among others. It requires a large set of computational and storage resources, as well as flexible and efficient software solutions able to dynamically exploit the available infrastructure and address issues related to data volume, distribution, velocity and heterogeneity. This pa- per presents a data-driven and cloud-based use case imple- mented in the context of the EUBrazilCC project for the analysis of climate change and biodiversity data. The use case architecture and main components, as well as a Plat- form as a Service (PaaS) framework for big data analytics named PDAS, together with its elastic deployment in the EUBrazilCC federated cloud infrastructure are presented and discussed in detail.

Event: 12th ACM International Conference on Computing Frontiers, 2015.

Authors: Fiore, Sandro; Mancini, Marco; Elia, Donatello; Nassisi, Paola; Brasileiro, Francisco Vilar; Blanquer, Ignacio