Centro de Referência em Informação Ambiental (CRIA)


CRIA´s contribution to the project is focused on the provision of data, tools and services for biodiversity analysis. It also supports the implementation of interoperability required for carrying out the biodiversity analysis with the deployment of cloud computing. It actively participates in the design and development of the eco-epidemiology use case, focusing on the analysis of the dynamics of leishmaniasis and in use case on the analysis of the semi-arid vegetation and global climate change use. CRIA´s participation is based on the expertise on data infrastructure and software development to insure data quality and fitness of use. The CRIA´s suite of tools for data cleaning will provide efficient “scans” of data sets, detecting a broad suite of errors, inconsistencies, and potential problems.

Partner overview

The Reference Center on Environmental Information - CRIA) is a Brazilian not-forprofit organization established in December 2000 with the mission to contribute to the sustainable use of Brazilian biodiversity. CRIA was accredited in 2002 by the Brazilian Ministry of Justice as an Organization of Civil Society of Public Interest (OSCIP). With a technical staff of 10 experts, CRIA's work is focused on the development of the Brazilian Biodiversity Data infrastructure in partnership with large number of Brazilian and international organizations. In addition to the continuous effort to improve the biodiversity data infrastructure, current work is focused on the development and deployment of state of art tools and services to support the dissemination and analysis of biodiversity data. A global player in development of tools for biodiversity science, CRIA´s main achievements includes contribution to the development of DiGIR and TAPIR protocols used to serve and transfer biodiversity data among providers and users, the OpenModeller platform (for ecological niche modelling), geoLoc (automated georeferencing platform) and the speciesLink network (http://splink.cria.org.br/) currently serving 5.6 million records from 285 biological collections. CRIA is contributing to the development of a number of projects funded (or co-funded) by the European Commission, including the EUBrazilOpenBio (http://www.eubrazilopenbio.eu), iMarine (http://www.i-marine.eu/), and BioVel (http://www.biovel.eu/).

Contact info
Centro de Referência em Informação Ambiental (CRIA)
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