Computing Science department at Newcastle University (UNEW), UK

University of Newcastle (UNEW) brings together two different qualities, the technical competences on Computer Science and significant expertise in applying Computer Science to real-world scientific problems. In the project they will exploit their existing knowledge in designing scalable, distributed software and experiences in using cloud platforms together with the domain know-how from various application areas from drug discovery, spectral analysis, to analysis of large time-series data of physical activities. UNEW will participate in the core work packages related to cloud federation and software frameworks as well as tasks which adapt user scenarios to the designed platform.


Partner profile

The Computing Science department at Newcastle University sustains a vision of fundamental and rigorous computing science research, tested and extended through industrial relevance and interdisciplinary activity. Our longstanding work on dependability and distributed systems is constantly evolving to address the new challenges posed by a fast-changing environment: one in which computer systems become ever more complex, critical and interconnected, as well as often being directly related to the public at large. Our research has a significant impact on both the wider field of academic research and on the computer industry. Specifically, our research on e-Science has had an impact both by generating new scientific results, and by producing middleware that is widely used internationally. Tools such as Taverna have been exploited to identify the genes involved in Graves Disease and have revealed new insights into the behaviour of B. anthraticus. The group led by Prof. Paul Watson focuses on developing e-Science Central, a Software-as-a-Service workflow platform which aims to facilitate the use of Clouds for e-Science.