Data Sources for Cardio Vascular Simulation Use Case

Use Case 2 on Cardiovascular Simulation will feed ADAN and Alya Red simulators, within the EUBrazil Cloud Connect integrated cloud environment, with clinical data coming from hospitals and biomedical research centres in Brazil and Europe. Data will be of varied types: specific patient health condition parameters, images, geometries, etc... and will be used to both establish the setup and calibrate the outcome of the simulations. Global physiological patient-specific parameters such as mean, systolic and diastolic blood pressures, cardiac output and heart rate, among others, will be the input for simulation with ADAN. On the other hand, another part of input data goes straight to Alya Red, such as: geometries or meshes coming from image segmentation, anatomical description of the fiber fields, physiological parameters of the models, etc.

The final results of the simulations are kept into the cloud database to be retrieved by the hospital and laboratories as new data to be provided to the end-users, i.e. medical doctors.

What makes a breakthrough is EUBrazil Cloud Connect effort to put together these simulation tools under a cloud computing umbrella, including software coupling and access to both input and output data.