EU Brazil Cloud Connect Demo: Coupling a cardiac-vascular model with Alya Red and ADAN at Cloudscape VII, 9-10 March 2015

EU Brazil Cloud Connect project will partecipate at Cloudscape VII event, 9-10 March 2015, Brussels.

EU Brazil Cloud Connect will present a Use Case Demo called "Coupling a cardiac-vascular model with Alya Red and ADAN: One step forward to the full model"

This demonstration shows the advances in the use case 2 of the EU Brazil Cloud Connect project, in which two of the most complex cardiac and vascular models, are gathered to produce one coupled cardiovascular model.

In the past, the coupling was done between two cylinders, one representing the heart, and the other the arterial network. After that, the work focused in complexifying both models separately until this point in which an anatomical topology of the ADAN model (called ADAN55) is coupled with a realistic geometry of the left ventricle.
During the demo a heartbeat can be seen, inducing changes of flow and pressure in the ADAN model.