EU-Brazil Together in ICT: Bridging & Strengthening EU-BR Collaborations in Cloud Computing, Experimental Platforms & HPC

EUBrazil Cloud Connect co-organises the “EU-Brazil Together in ICT” booth at ICT 2015 in Lisbon (Portugal) on October 20-22


The participation of Brazilian and European organisations in the 7th Framework Programme was very significant and is set to be equally if not more important in Horizon 2020. 

To date, EU-BR co-operation has been driven by common priorities in areas as diverse as biodiversity, climate, medical informatics, and massive connected societies demanding intensive computation and data. 
Leveraging European and Brazilian excellence in HPC and Clouds and integrating large data sets are just two examples of the impact of co-operation. EUBrazil Cloud Connect is an excellent example of this. Its focus on federated resources for scientific applications, tools and services is crucial for increasing knowledge on neglected diseases, climate change and cardio-vascular simulations as the basis for better decision-making and policies.
What’s more, EUBrazil Cloud Connect has introduced the initial Cloudscape Brazil workshop series, an annual event that will be increasingly instrumental in strengthening EU-BR co-operation, raising awareness of the real challenges and fostering best practices in the cloud industry.
The Stand at ICT2015 showcases EU-BR co-operation success stories so far with real-world examples of new tools and services. It spotlights new initiatives on cloud, HPC, security and the future internet that are starting in early 2016. The Stand team will also be on hand with practical information on co-operation opportunities and impact.