EUBRazil Cloud Connect: a federated e-Infrastructure for cross-border science

Abstract: EUBrazil Cloud Connect is an international co-operation project aimed at accelerating scientific discovery to advance knowledge on several challenges with high social impact. It provides a user-centric, federated e-infrastructure for European & Brazilian research communities. Major outputs over 24 months include the design and implementation of new programming models and tools enabling the deployment of three scientific use cases on heterogeneous computing resources. It has also deployed multiple federated cloud services based on open standards, successfully meeting the needs of scientific users and also analysing business competencies for sustainable usage. Thanks to the high impact results achieved in the project, the scientific community and industry can now benefit from stable components for big data analysis. 

Event: Fourth European Conference on Service-Oriented and Cloud Computing. September 2015. The extended abstract has been accepted at ESOCC 2015 Conference ‘EU Projects papers track’.

Authors: Roberto G. Cascella and Stephanie Parker and Silvana Muscella