EUBrazil Cloud Connect presented at RDA "Earth System Science data management" BOF

Sandro Fiore (CMCC) will give a talk titled "Big data analytics workflows for climate" at the 6th RDA Plenary Meeting with a focus on Research Data for Climate Change, Paris (France), 22-25 September 2015

Sandro Fiore (CMCC) will present the use case on climate change and biodiversity implemented in the context of the EU FP7 EUBrazilCC project presented during the talk "Big data analytics workflows for climate" at 6th RDA Plenary Meeting in the BOF "Earth System Science data management".
The Ophidia project is a research effort on big data analytics facing scientific data analysis challenges in multiple domains (e.g. climate change). Many practical scientific use cases often rely on very complex processing chains (e.g. workflows) with tens, hundreds of data analytics operators. The talk will specifically address the main needs, requirements and challenges regarding data analytics workflow management applied to large scientific datasets.
Attending the RDA pleany meeting will provide useful feedback on several topics like big data analytics, persistent identifiers, metadata management.