Euro-Mediterranean Center on Climate Change (CMCC)



CMCC will work on the development of a "parallel data analysis service" exploiting scalable VM-based solutions for climate change data management. Such a service will rely on a parallel data analysis platform exploiting a dataflow paradigm to perform data analysis and mining on large volumes of scientific data. The platform will exploit novel data models/storages approaches and it will be designed to address data post-processing, analysis and mining, time series extraction, sub-setting and data reduction (e.g. data aggregation). Moreover CMCC will lead the Use Case 3 on Biodiversity and Climate Change, working on the use of observed and simulated data to better understand how climate change impacts on terrestrial biodiversity. CMCC will act as a data provider with about 100+TB of climate data published in the context of the CMIP5 experiment, through the ESGF data node managed at CMCC (part of the ESGF federation). CMCC will participate in the mobility program as well as working on the liaison with doctoral and post-graduate courses and also hosting exchanges of researchers and students. Finally, a contribution on the WP6 will be provided from the geospatial/climate change community in terms of scientific requirements and standards (i.e.Open Geospatial Consortium), collaborations (ESGF) and e-infrastructures (IS-ENES).

Partner overview

CMCC (the Euro-Mediterranean Center on Climate Change) is a research center funded by the Italian Ministries of the Environment and Land Protection, of Education, University and Research, and of Economy and Finance, that aims at furthering knowledge in the field of climatic variability, including causes and consequences, through the development of high-resolution simulations and impact models. CMCC gathers the know-how from its funding Institutions focusing on climate change issues and applications for environmental management. The mission of CMCC is also to encourage and foster national and international collaboration. The Scientific Computing and Operations (SCO) Division carries out Research & Development activities on Computational Sciences applied to Climate Change. In particular, the division works on the optimization and the parallelization of numerical models for climate change simulations (both climate and impact models) as well as on open source solutions addressing efficient access, analysis, and mining of large volumes of scientific data in the climate change domain taking into account the exascale roadmap. The SCO Division manages the CMCC Supercomputing Centre. The HPC infrastructure is composed of a 960 cores IBM Power6 cluster (peak performance 18TFlops) and a 8000 cores Intel Xeon Sandy Bridge (peak performance 160TFlops).

Contact info
CMCC - Centro Euro-Mediterraneo sui Cambiamenti Climatici
Via Augusto Imperatore 16,
73100 Lecce, Italy
T +39 0832 288650