EUROLEISH-NET programme provides to 15 selected candidates a 3 year PhD research career project linked to non-academic institutions

The aim of is to provide the tools to start and consolidate a career in the field of leishmaniasis. The 15 selected students will engage in a 3 year PhD research project linked to non-academic institutions
An excellent group of academic and non-academic institutions in Europe and abroad will host 15 PhD students who will receive training in disciplines ranging from parasitology to molecular science, genetics, epidemiology and strategic interventions. The 15 research projects encompass drug discovery, drug resistance, diagnostics and vaccine development, population genetics, vector control and integrated control programmes. The designated project supervisors have proven track records of success in research and in training and will support a meticulously planned series of meetings and diligent monitoring of the progression of each trainee.
The aim of the EUROLEISH-NET programme is to provide the selected candidates the tools to start and consolidate their careers in the field of infectious disease control and leishmaniasis in particular. The training programme will promote scientific excellence, multidisciplinarity, and autonomy to increase the employability of the researchers.
The core of the training programme is the PhD research projects conducted by the 15 selected candidates and each supervised by two specialized senior scientists from two institutions. 
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Deadline: 17:00 GMT on the 5th April 2015.