First public release of Leishmaniasis Virtual Laboratory (LeishVL)

The EUBrazilCC team proudly announces the first release (0.1.0) openly available for public access of the Leishmaniasis Virtual Laboratory (LeishVL), an online collaborative portal for advancing the current knowledge about leishmaniasis:


What is included in this first release?

The first release of the LeishVL integrates access to the collections of Leishmania and sandflies, built from GenBank, CLIOC, COLFLEB and the ISCIII-WHO-CCL (not available online) collections. The LeishVL provides searching and visualization capabilities for the molecular and geographic information, data curation tools, user's local storage space and the integration of processing pipelines. LeishVL runs on top of the EUBRazilCC cloud computing infrastructure.

The LeishVL takes over from the Leishmaniasis e-compendium of the WHO Leishmanaisis Control Programme to produce an updated e-compendium of peer-reviewed literature on leishmaniasis epidemiology. Currently, a first molecular pipeline for the identification of sandfly species is made available.

Future plans

Incremental updates will be released periodically to include new features in the LeishVL portal. The release 1.0.0 is planned in June 2015, and will also include ecological analysis and advanced collaboration tools. Public available instances of the LVL will be made available for the deployment and customization of own instances on private or public clouds.

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