Flexible Federation of Cloud Providers: The EUBrazil Cloud Connect Approach

Abstract: In this work we introduce the EUBrazilCC federated cloud e-infrastructure based on Fogbow, a new middleware designed to support federation of IaaS cloud providers according to a novel approach. It is based on the provision of federation functionalities offered at a higher architectural level than current approaches by being deployed on top of the IaaS cloud orchestrators of each federation member. Fogbow is endowed with great flexibility due to the use of plug- ins that allow for the definition of precise interaction points between the federation middleware and the underlying cloud orchestrator. The resulting architecture, which relies on standards for conciliating different orchestrators’ peculiarities, is thereby able to provide a common API to decouple federation functionalities from the orchestrator functionalities. Fogbow has been deployed to federate the private clouds of the members of the consortium of the EUBrazilCC project, and is also being used in an experimental federation that is part of the cloud initiative of the Brazilian National Research and Education Network (NREN) operator, as well as in an experimental deployment that aims at federating private clouds belonging to two large public companies in Brazil.

Event: 30th IEEE International Conference on Advanced Information Networking and Applications - Workshop- CCPI-2016

Authors: Rosa M. Badia, Francisco Brasileiro, Jose Luis Vivas, Giovanni Farias da Silva, Ignacio Blanquer, Daniele Lezzi, Miguel Caballer, Carlos Diaz.