Instituto de Salud Carlos III (ISCI III)


ISCIII will contribute to the Use Case I-Epidemiology of Leishmaniasis through the generation of molecular data from Leishmania parasites and their sandfly vectors from the Spanish geographic area selected for the project. Additional effort will be devoted to dissemination of the project results and on activities related to interoperability of e-infrastructures and standardisation synergies, and on the exploitation and future sustainability of the project.




Partner overview

The Instituto de Salud Carlos III is the leading public research organisation that funds, manages and executes biomedical research in Spain. It serves as the managing body of the Strategic Action in Health in the framework of the Master Plan for Research, Development and Innovation. Attached to the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness, its mission is to promote the generation of scientific knowledge in health sciences and promote innovation in health care and disease prevention. Promotes and coordinates biomedical research and offers scientific and technical services, in collaboration with all actors of the Spanish system of science, technology and innovation.
The Collaborating Centre for Leishmaniasis within the World Health Organisation (WHO-CCL) is institutionally linked to the ISCIII. Its terms of reference are: i) to participate with experts in epidemiological and outbreak assessments in endemic countries; 2) to prepare protocols for xenodiagnosis and maintenance of sandfly colonies; 3) to participate in evaluating diagnostic and control tools and WHO network for diagnosis; 4) to participate in international programmes and projects of cooperation with endemic countries including capacity building, technology transfer and control program implementation. The WHO-wide expected result for this collaborating centre is the generation of new knowledge, intervention tools and strategies that meet priority needs for the prevention and control of leishmaniasis.

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