Interoperability Progress: Fogbow OCCI to be tested at Cloud Plugfest and Standards Profile Workshop

The Cloud Plugfest will be hosted by CloudWATCH on 25 September 2014, Amsterdam, The Netherlands


The Cloud Interoperability Plugfest project, "Cloud Plugfests" (, is an international co-operative community series designed to promote interoperability efforts on cloud-based software, frameworks, and standards among vendors, products, projects and implementations. The series supports ongoing and continuing interoperability efforts among and between the sponsoring organisations, and with the cloud community at large. These efforts include organised software demonstrations, in-person developer gatherings, and continuous access to professional-grade cloud testing frameworks and tools.

Through EUBrazil Cloud Connect this year the Plugfest will see Brazilian participation, supporting interoperability between Europe and Brazil. EUBrazil Cloud Connect will test the OCCI implementation of fogbow middleware that has been developed by the Federal University of Campina Grande.

FogBow is a middleware for opportunistic usage of underused resources, evolved from OurGrid and the JiT Cloud project ( and it follows a bartering model to provide access to cloud federations.

This new connecting bridge with Brazil focuses on a new implementation of OCCI API (fOCCI) as well as an extension to accommodate requests for resources exploited in an opportunistic way.  Read more about fogbow here.

The Plugfest will take place at the CloudWATCH Workshop "Reducing ambiguity through standards profiling", 25 September 2014. This workshop is also an opportunity to showcase growing international interest in interoperability testing and why the Plugfest is important to certify compliance of the implementation with the specification.

CloudWATCH ( has created a portfolio of European and international use cases on technical, policy and legal requirements. The common standards profiles derived from these use cases will be tested around the federation of cloud services. This challenging work is part of CloudWATCH’s mission to making an active contribution to standards and certification, driving interoperability as critical to boosting innovation in Europe.