Laboratório Nacional de Computação Científica (LNCC)


LNCC leverages the experience on managing the SINAPAD platform and coordinating national cloud computing projects in Brazil, including RNP’s “Minha Cloud Científica! – mc2” (My Scientific Cloud) working group and FINEP’s “Ciber-Infra p/Rede P&D em Medicina Assistida por Computação Científica” (Cyberinfrastructure for the Research Network on Scientific Computing in Healthcare Applications) through the Neblina Virtual Appliance Platform, as part of its roles in the project of disseminating the results of the project and working on the community engagement to use the deployed cloud infrastructure; and adapting its PaaS systems for the provision of customized SaaS environments to the scientists. LNCC also works in the adaptation of the applications from the heart and cardiovascular systems simulation scenario to the cloud, leveraging from the experience on many previous projects in the field, including the INCT-MACC initiative.

Partner overview

Consolidated as a leading institution in its segment in Brazil, the “Laboratório Nacional de Computação Científica – LNCC” (National Laboratory for Scientific Computing) acts as a scientific research and technological development unit of the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (MCTI) that also provides high performance computing to the scientific community in Brazil. Created in 1980, it now stands out in Information Technology and Computational Modeling, on account of its pioneering proposal of putting together mathematical and information technology sciences, and of the quality that it has always given to research and services rendering activities. With ample participation of the scientific and technical community, LNCC develops a continuous process of situational strategic planning in order to adequate to new paradigms and prioritised scientific policies. As a result, LNCC is one of the main intersection points of connection of academic collaborations in Brazil, a fact that grants it a privileged status in terms of connectivity, either regionally or on the national and international levels.

The Bioinformatics Lab (LabInfo), for instance, which initially served as a basis to articulate projects such as BRGEN and Genoma Rio de Janeiro, presently coordinates several other important national projects and international partnerships. The Instituto Nacional de Ciência e Tecnologia em Medicina Assistida por Computação Científica – INCT-MACC” (National Institute of Science and Technology on Scientific Computing in Healthcare Applications) is another example of the strategic activity involving LNCC at the national and international levels. The consolidation of the partnership with the National Education and Research Network (RNP) to manage the Point of Presence of the national academic backbone in Rio de Janeiro and other related projects, and the participation in direction and execution levels of the Geo-processing and Environmental Modeling in the Amazon Region project (GEOMA) are other features that should be mentioned within its operation. In face of its computing resources, and also in face of its traditional line of action and service for the researchers, technicians, and the Brazilian scientific community, LNCC heads the “Sistema Nacional de Processamento de Alto Desempenho – SINAPAD” (National System for High Performance Computing), a platform comprising 9 HPC Centers hosted by important universities and research institutions distributed throughout Brazil. LNCC also performs the role of an HPC Center for the Rio de Janeiro state

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