The latest version of COMPSs Programming framework. Interview with Daniele Lezzi, BSC. Cloud Plugfest in London, December 2014

COMPS superscalar (COMPSs) is a programming framework that helps developers to deploy scientific applications on top of heterogeneous and distributed infrastructures. The idea behind COMPSs is to let the user just concentrate on the code without worrying about the execution environment or the specific cloud provider API. The user will focus only on the latest version of the application, then COMPSs will orchestrate the execution on the cloud provider.

COMPSs has been designed with interoperability in mind to be achieved thanks to a common interface implementing specific cloud provider API and recognized standards. COMPSs experienced many developments so far through the participation in different European projects such as VENUS-C, EUBrazilOpenBio, and it is currently adopted on EUBrazilCloudConnect e-Infrastructure. COMPSs is already in production in EGI Federated eInfrastructure and can be download as a virtual application from the EGI cloud marketplace.

At the Cloud Plugfest Daniele Lezzi presented a demo on how COMPSs can be used to transparently execute the application in a federated infrastructure by achieving scalability and elasticity in the management of the resources.

Interview filmed on 12 December 2014 in London at the Cloud Plugfest. Courtesy of Primeur Magazine.