The new version of Fogbow tested tomorrow at the Interoperability Demo Days and Virtual Cloud Plugfest, London

EUbrazilCloudConnect team worked on a new version of Fogbow middleware to make it fully OCCI-compliant, providing capabilities to federate private clouds.

EUbrazilCloudConnect team worked on a new version of fogbow that will address all the incompatibilities that were identified in the plugfest in September. A series of new features has alredy been implemented and  tested in the last days. The purpose of the testing activity in London is to show that fogbow is a fully OCCI-compliant server, providing capabilities to federate private clouds.
Additionally, Professor Francisco Brasileiro will present the extended features that Fogbow OCCI-compliant server offers. Fogbow is the only OCCI-compliant server that provides a way to create virtual machines (VMs) in both a synchronous and an asynchronous way. Current implementations only allow for synchronous creation, i.e. a client that asks for the creation of a VM will be placed on wait until either the VM is created or a failure is signalled. 
How does Fogbow work?
Asynchronous creation of VMs in Fogbow works as follows. The client creates a request for a VM and immediately receives a response with information about the request created. It can later poll the status of the request to see if a VM has already been created. This is very useful when the client is willing to create a large number of VMs at once, but does not want to wait for all VMs to be created, before starting to use the VMs that have already been created. For instance, suppose I need to run 1,000 independent simulations. Ideally, I would create 1,000 VMs and start one simulation in each VM. Instead of waiting for the synchronous creation of 1,000 VMs (that might not even be available), I can request the creation of 1,000 VMs asynchronously and poll the requests independently to start using the VMs that have already been created as soon as they become available. Note that I might never get the 1,000 VMs originally requested, but I will be able to progress in my computation using as many VMs as it was possible to create.
Virtual Cloud Plugfest Dec. 8-12, 2014
Cloud Interoperability Demo Days Dec. 11-12, 2014