Open Positions for the EUBrazilCC Project at LSD/UFCG

The Federal University of Campina Grande (UFCG) is seeking talented people motivated to take part in EUBrazil Cloud Connect project.

The Federal University of Campina Grande (UFCG) is seeking talented people motivated to take part in EUBrazil Cloud Connect project (EUBrazilCC, funded by the European Commission and CNPq/Brazil.  The positions are opened for the team based at the Federal University of Campina Grande (UFCG). This team will work at the Distributed Systems Lab (LSD) under the supervision of Prof. Francisco Brasileiro (see for a list of most relevant publications).

The monthly remuneration for the open positions ranges from R$2.500,00 to R$6.000,00, depending on the experience of the applicants. Considering the average cost of living in Brazil in general (see for a rough idea), and Campina Grande in particular (see for a rough idea), these are very competitive salaries.


We are seeking both researchers (with completed MSc or PhD) with a systems background and software engineers. The following requirements apply:

  • Fluency in English (or fluency in Portuguese and good knowledge of English);
  • Knowledgeable in the area of distributed systems (desirable experience in cloud computing);
  • Experience in teamwork;
  • Availability to relocate to Campina Grande;
  • Availability for short trips to attend project meetings and work missions in Rio de Janeiro, Petropolis, Campinas and Europe.
Description of the position

The main activities of the UFCG team are related with the development of a cloud middleware that will allow the federation of private cloud computing infrastructures, following a bartering model. The work will be inspired in the experience that LSD/UFCG has gained in the design and implementation of the OurGrid middleware (, and the operation of the OurGrid Community ( New mechanisms will need to be designed and implemented to address the opportunities and challenges that a cloud setting brings. We will also develop applications to execute over this infrastructure and other infrastructure available in the consortium partners.


The positions are opened from February 1st 2014 for an up to two-year contract. Applications should be sent to and are being

continually evaluated. Please, include in your application the following items:

  • A short introduction letter (up to one page) that states your motivation to
  • apply and main interests, relating them to your previous experience;
  • Resumé/CV;
  • Academic transcript;
  • When you will be available to move to Campina Grande;
  • The contact details for a reference (e.g., previous employer, supervisor).
  • For more information contact: Francisco Brasileiro (
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