Presentation & Demonstration: Cloud interoperability and elasticity with COMPSs. Daniele Lezzi, BSC

COMPSs belongs to a family of programming models deeloped at BSc. The idea behind it is to abstract the logic of the implementation of the application from the underlying infrastructure and let the user just concentrate on the code without worrying about the execution environment or the specific cloud provider API. The user will focus only on the latest version of the application, then COMPSs will orchestrate the execution on the cloud provider.

COMPSs objective is reduce the complexity of cloud applications. These applications must be composed of tasks called several times dealing with different types of data (files, objects, arrays and primitive types). Applications can be deployed on different resources like supercomputing, cloud (such as the case of EGI cloud), or grid infrastructures. COMPSs supports 3 of the most used programming languages in which scientific applications are developed: Java, Python and CC++.

In this demo Daniele Lezzi outlines COMPSs programming model, tools and infrastructure with special emphasis on interoperability.

COMPSs is available in the EGI Marketplace both as package and Virtual Appliance

Who is this material for?

Scientists, researchers and students, pre-doctoral and post-doctoral, working in EUBrazil Cloud Connect ICT specific research context, i.e. e-Infrastructures, cloud computing and virtual research environments

Lenght: 32:14 minutes

Demo filmed on 12 December 2014 in London at the Cloud Plugfest. Courtesy of Primeur Magazine.

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