Presentation & Demonstration - FOGBOW: a middleware for cloud federation. Francisco Brasileiro

The motivation behind the federation of private clouds performed within EUBrazilCC project goes back to some characteristics common to many scientific applications facing busty workloads. In particular, EUBrazilCC tries to respond to 2 different needs.

One is the existence of privacy restrictions on the usage of data and programs, involved in a specific computation, that do not allow users to go on the public cloud. This is the case, for instance, of the coupling of 2 simulators of the heart and the vascular system in a human being. The use case allow to use real data from patients in hospitals to performs analysis, but these data have some privacy restrictions that can be overcome by using private clouds in a federation, such as in EUBrazilCC.

Second, when the demand is too high, many public cloud providers won't allow to use so many resources. EUBrazilCC third use case tries to understand how much climate change and human interaction are responsible for the climate changes in some particular regions of the world. One is the semiarid region in Brazil (1 Million square Km). The use case looks 30 years back in the past, using remote sensing data from 30 years, and every 16 days there is a picture of particular part of this region. So the number of data to process is quite large and federating private clouds allow users to get access to a large amount of resources than in a public cloud.

In this demo Professor Francisco Brasileiro, UFCG and EUBrazilCloudConnect Brazilian Coordinator, goes deep into EUBrazilCC federated eInfrastructure and its possible usages.

Who is this material for?

Scientists, researchers and students, pre-doctoral and post-doctoral, working in EUBrazil Cloud Connect ICT specific research context, i.e. e-Infrastructures, cloud computing and virtual research environments

Lenght: 21:11 minutes