Presentation: integrated scalable VM-based solutions for scientific Data management in EuBrazilCC project, Sept. 2014 Amsterdam

Sandro Fiore from CMCC attended the EGI conference on challenges and solutions for Big Data and Processing Clouds in Amsterdam held 24 to 26 September in Amsterdam.

Sandro Fiore presented the upgrade of the Ophidia frame work aimed at integrating scalable VM-based solutions for the management of large volumes of scientific data (both climate and satellite data) in the EuBrazilCC data analytics use case implemented in interactions between climate change and biodiversity.

Below you can donwload the presentation provided by Sandro Fiore, CMCC.

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About Ophidia project


The entire Ophidia software stack has been deployed at CMCC on 24-nodes (16-cores/node) of the Athena HPC cluster. A comprehensive benchmark and test cases are being defined with climate scientists to extensively test all of the features provided by the system. Preliminary experimental results are already available and have been published on scientific research papers.

The most relevant data analytics use cases implemented in national and international projects target fire danger prevention (OFIDIA), sea situational awareness (TESSA), interactions between climate change and biodiversity (EUBrazilCC), climate indicators and remote data analysis (CLIP-C), large scale data analytics on CMIP5 data in NetCDF format, Climate and Forecast (CF) convention compliant (ExArch).


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