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Registration Open for Cloudscape Brazil | EUBR2014 | EUBrazil Cloud Connect Data Census & more

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Cloudscape Brazil, 20 October 2014, Rio de Janeiro

Cloudscape Brazil workshops are all about riding the wave of innovation that cloud computing enables, whether for eScience or business. Closer cooperation between the business and research communities helps supply and demand side identify requirements and opportunities for the wider uptake of cloud computing. International experts offer practical tips on addressing security, privacy and legal issues.

The workshop is free of charge, registration is required.



30 July, 2014

EUBrazil Cloud Connect makes its mark at the Brazilian Congress of Computer Science

EUBrazil Cloud Connect was part of the "EU-Brazil Cooperation in the area of ICT" session at the EUBR 2014. Poster and presentation are now available

As one of the project funded by the second EU-Brazil FP7 coordinated calls, EUBrazil Cloud Connect was presented by Ignacio Blanquer (UPV) project European Coordinator, and Francisco Brasileiro, (UFCG) Brazilian coordinator, during the "EU-Brazil Cooperation in the area of ICT" session at the II EU-Brazil Cooperation Workshop in ICT - EUBR 2014 hosted by CSBC2014.

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21 July, 2014

Interoperability Progress: Fogbow OCCI to be tested at Cloud Plugfest and Standards Profile Workshop

The Cloud Plugfest will be hosted by CloudWATCH on 25 September 2014, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Interoperability is very important for EUBrazil Cloud Connect to integrate supercomputing and cloud resources. In September, EUBrazil Cloud Connect is joining an international community to support interoperability between Brazil and Europe. At the CloudWATCH Cloud Plugfest in Amsterdam, the project will test the OCCI implementation of fogbow middleware that has been developed by the UFCG.

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Press release: Breaking down barriers to societal challenges. July 2014

Three major developments are big data, evolving scientific models and new computing architectures. EUBrazil Cloud Connect e-infrastructure brings these elements together to accelerate scientific discovery and drive innovation.
To facilitate researchers, EUBrazil Cloud Connect has created a Data Source Census that maps and categorises the variety of data sources key to supporting new approaches to scientific investigation.

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