Training & Mobility Programme

Brazil and Europe offer a number of funding instruments for education and mobility. Although, these funding instruments can often be used directly by individual students, researchers and professinals looking for new opportunities, it is not always easy to find out which instruments are the best to use.

In these pages you will find some of the jobs and mobility opportunities available at EUBrazil Cloud Connect for the benefit of (pre-doctoral and post-doctoral) scientists, researchers and students between Europe and Brazil. You will also find courses, lectures, seminars and demonstrations to promote mobility for students and researchers between Europe and Brazil, improve knowledge exchange and potentially attract external collaboration.

Who will benefit from these opportunities?

Scientists, researchers and students, pre-doctoral and post-doctoral, working in EUBrazil Cloud Connect ICT specific research context, i.e. e-Infrastructures, cloud computing and virtual research environments or specialised in Leishmaniasis research, cardiovascular research, and biodiversity and climate change research, which are EUBrazil Cloud Connect domains of application.

How to get involved?

Register to EUBrazil Cloud Connect website to receive our news about open positions and course. If you would like to send us an announcement, write us a message to