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Trust-IT Services - Communicating ICT to Marketsleads Community Engagement, Dissemination & Mobility Programme (WP2), bringing skills such as building networked international communities, copywriting and multimodal content production, strong media relations, leveraging vast experiences in projects such as EUBrazil OpenBio, VENUS-C and iMarine. Trust-IT participates in Interoperability of e-Infrastructures and Standardisation Synergies (WP6), leveraging its extensive knowledge on cloud standards and stakeholder engagement, particularly the Cloudscape Brasil series. It is also leader of Business Models, Exploitation and Sustainability (WP7), leveraging its analytical skills and in-depth knowledge of cloud computing.

Partner overview

Trust-IT Services  has built an experienced, interdisciplinary team of talented and passionate professionals. Since 2002, Trust-IT’s delivery of specialised services in the domain of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) is widely appreciated in rapidly evolving, internationally distributed user communities, in areas such as Cloud Computing, Research Infrastructures, Digital Repositories and Digital Libraries. Trust-IT experience includes Marketing & Visual Communications, Market Research, Building International Co-operation initiatives, delivering services for tailored event execution, customising communication services for networked enterprises and scientific communities, exploiting interactive communication platforms, mobile apps and eTraining tools.

Trust-IT acts as a catalyst for co-operation on ICT and cloud computing between Europe, Brazil, India and Asia Pacific in ICT. With a broad network of cooperation partners around the world, Trust-IT successfully showcases technologies and research results, research and commercial partnerships. Trust-IT has served as Technical Coordinator of the SIENA initiative, bringing together experts from standards groups, government, industry and research to support the analysis of open-standards based interoperability. The SIENA Roadmap on Distributed Computing Infrastructure for e-Science and Beyond has been widely recognised as demonstrating Europe’s potential for innovation (Mario Campolargo, Dir., Net Futures) and as a reference document for standardisation efforts (Neelie Kroes, Vice President of the European Commission). Trust-IT has also participated in the EC Tender Study (SMART 2011/0055) on Cloud Computing for e-Science and Public Authorities with an analysis covering EU27 and comparison with other world regions.

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