University of Valencia: Master in Computer Engineering

The School of Computer Engineering of Universitat Politècnica de València is opening a 2 academic years (120 ECTS) Master in Computer Engineering.

Profile needed

The Master is aimed, in particular, to graduates of Computer Engineering.

Also have direct access to other masters degrees proving the technical skills associated with computer engineering as established by ministerial decree in the Official Journal of August 4, 2009. The graduates of other similar fields may have access to the previous master conducting the training complements established. It may be required to perform a degree adaptation course.

Description of the course

The Master's Degree in Computer Engineering is professionally oriented.

It aims at creating highly skilled professionals to be able to perform properly the exercise of the profession of software engineering, offering an advanced training that develops leadership and management aspects of technology companies and IT projects, explores the technological aspects of learning and introduces students to the different application areas of Computer Engineering.

It promotes the professional development of its students by conducting the final master work in technology companies, the provision of seminars by industry professionals, the promotion of entrepreneurship and the development of skills associated with professional practice as leadership, teamwork or communication skills.

The master's curriculum conforms to the recommendations of the ministerial order published in the Official Gazette of August 4, 2009, which establishes the requirements for verification of university qualification to the exercise of the profession of software engineering.

The main objective is formal professionals capable of designing and designing products, processes and facilities in all areas of computer engineering. Able to plan, direct, coordinate and develop projects and technology centers in innovative environments and multidisciplinary contexts, applying principles of ethical, law and professional ethics.

Contact person / link:

Ignacio Blanquer,, +34963877007, ext 88253

Deadline for application:

10 September 2014/15 (yearly opened)