University of Valencia: Master on Information Management

The School of Computer Engineering of Universitat Politècnica de València is opening a 1 and a half academic years (90 ECTS) University Master on Information Management.

This Master is aimed at graduates who wish to specialize in Information Management from any of the profiles covered by the master (expert in usability and interaction design, marketing expert and content positioning, content management expert).

Profile needed
  • Diploma in Librarianship and Documentation and Graduate on Information and Documentation.
  • Computer Engineers, Computer Engineers and Computer Engineering Graduate.
  • Bachelor and Graduate Business Administration.

May apply for this master candidates who meet the conditions laid down in Article 16 of Royal Decree 1393/2007 and Royal Decree 861/2010 amending the previous one

Description of the position:

The master course has two different profiles:

  • Professional profile on Information Technologies for e-administration. This professional profile is developed in the field of public administration capacity to address the deployment of their own solutions and the companies that provide services to those administrations that do not have capacity or infrastructure to realize it themselves. Similarly, the proposed training is aimed at professional development in the infomediary sector formed by companies engaged in the generation of products or services related to public information. The scope of professional practice focuses on decision making related to management processes, procedures and digital documents, openness, reusability and interoperability of public information, management of information for open government and service-based architectures for e-administration.
  • Professional profile in Enterprise Content Management (ECM). In this profile, students will gain a comprehensive view of the authority and knowledge to take basic first levels of responsibility in the company. They will take on the subjects taught an approach to leadership role, working activities and actual caseloads own a business and economic environment of constant change, due to the massive use of ICT and where knowing improve the strategic management of the company through the use intelligent information becomes part of the key to developing management skills; delve into the legal and ethical knowledge directly related to the need to make the most of the information it manages all this through the most common utilities, located in organizations (ERP, CRMs, etc.); strategic thinking as well as knowledge of the tools and processes that improve business decision making and analysis and interpretation of actions will be enhanced effectively.
Contact person / link:

Deadline for application:

12 september 2015 (opened yearly)