University of Valencia: Programming Methods in Clouds

The Computer Systems Department of Universitat Politècnica de València is opening a two weeks (2ECTS) seminar called Programming Methods in Cloud.

The applicant will teach two sessions (around 8 hours) on advanced methods for programming in clouds, from a practical perspective. Students have a background on cloud computing, parallel computing and distributed computing. They also will have expertise on models such as MapReduce and software architecture models for the cloud.

Profile needed:

Phd. on Computer Science or equivalent with expertise on Cloud Computing.

Description of the position

This seminar will provide students with experience in the use of models Cloud-oriented programming, such as MapReduce.

In this case, private or public infrastructure will be used (depending on availability of resources) to implement different case studies on this and other programming models that leverage intrinsic characteristics of the Cloud infrastructure.

Contact person / link:

Germán Moltó,, +34963877007, ext 88254

Deadline for application:

May 2015