Using Fogbow to federate private clouds

Abstract: Infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) has become the major choice for the provisioning of computing infrastructures. One of the advantages explored by providers is the possibility of reducing the overall capacity needed to support the aggregated demand of all customers. The federation of private IaaS that intend to work together for their mutual benefit has been advocated as a way to increase the infrastructure utilization, and, as a consequence, to increase the efficiency of the federation members, especially for small and medium-sized IaaS providers. This paper presents the Fogbow middleware, an approach based on a peer-to-peer architecture that aims at creating a cloud federation from totally distributed and independently IaaS deployments. Fogbow allows local cloud users to use surplus resources coming from other members of the federation, while being minimally intrusive regarding existing IaaS deployments.

Event: Demo Session of 33rd Brazilian Symposium on Computer Networks and Distributed Systems (SBRC 2015).

Date: 18-22 May, 2015

Authors:Abmar Barros, Francisco Brasileiro, Giovanni Farias, Francisco Germano, Marcos Nóbrega, Ana C. Ribeiro, Igor Silva, Leticia Teixeira