Vincent Breton, CNRS-IN2P3, France

Research director of Grid and Cloud Institute at CNRS-IN2P3 and co-founder of the Healthgrid and WISDOM initiatives

"I am keen to strengthen the scientific collaborations on e-infrastructures between EUrope and South America. My experience in the deployment of scientific applications in the field of life sciences can be useful to EUBrazil Cloud Connect. I am also developing a personal scientific interest for biodiversity and see EUBrazil Cloud Connect as a wonderful opportunity to foster an ambitious multidisciplinary research program on tropical forests involving researchers in French Guyana"

Vincent Breton received his Engineer degree from Ecole Centrale de Paris in 1985 and his PhD in Nuclear Physics from the University of Paris XI- Orsay in 1990. Since 1990, he has been a Researcher at the French National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS).  In 2001, he founded a research group ( on the application to biomedical sciences of the IT technologies and tools used in high energy physics. Co-founder of the GATE collaboration ( gathering more than 20 research laboratories around the world, co-founder of the Healthgrid ( and WISDOM ( initiatives, he his the director of CNRS Grid Institute since January 1st 2010 and director of France Grilles, the French National Grid Initiative, since June 2010.