What you say about Cloudscape Brazil


"My intention is to show RNP’s plans to deploy the Brazilian academic cloud, collect impressions from the audience to help us improve our plans and discuss the next steps. I believe that the information about RNP’s plans and strategies regarding the academic cloud will help the participants to better plan their future projects to use and develop applications for the cloud."

José Luiz Ribeiro Filho, Director of Services and Solutions of the Brazilian National Education and Research Network (RNP)

“I found this event a useful opportunity to verify the emerging maturity of Brazil in Cloud Computing. The interest is growing and the potential applications with important societal impact are many and strategic is this large and economical strong country. Considering the more advanced situation in Europe especially at infrastructure level and with a robust support from the European Commission in H2020, Brazil large variety of potential applications and the excellence of some of their computer science and technology research centres and universities could become a perfect win-win opportunity. It is regrettable though that the budget available for the next bilateral call on this topic is rather modest and the focus limited and restricted”.

Fabrizio Gagliardi, Barcelona Super Computer Centre and chair of the EUBrazilCloudConnect External Expert Committee

"Cloudscape Brazil 2014 event was amazing to understand about cloud technology from different perspectives such as: medical research, SMEs, startup incubators, natural resources research and others. The experiences shared by each of this sectors were very useful and interesting."

Fernando Ponciano, Business Manager at VTX Brasil, Brazil


“I like to think that Cloudscape Brazil set the scene for the beginning of some pragmatic discussions going forward between the National Research Network -RNP with their national cloud infrastructure roll-out plan & the potential relationship this could have with both Commercial Cloud Providers in Brazil & the StartUp Brazil founders - networking at its best!”

Silvana Muscella, Trust-IT Services CEO


“The Cloudscape Brazil 2014 was very well organized by the EUBrazil Cloud Connect project team. The event has certainly contributed greatly for providing and strengthening a user centric, cross-Atlantic test bench for European and Brazilian research communities”

Paulo Pagliusi, VP of CSA Brazil and CEO of MPSafe CyberSecurity Awareness, Brazil


"It was a good opportunity to identify very concrete opportunities for the EUBrazilCC project to contribute to the cloud effort currently undertaken by the Brazilian National Research Network (RNP). We were able to discuss how the fogbow middleware, being developed within the context of EUBrazilCC, could be used as a solution for the federation of resources in RNP's national cloud infrastructure. This would surely be an important step towards the creation of a sustainable ecosystem exploiting one of EUBrazilCC outcomes."

Francisco Brasileiro, Prof. UFCG & EUBRazilCC Coordinator for Brazil

"Cloudscape Brazil highlighted examples of the impact that cloud can have in speeding up the time it takes to generate new knowledge”.

Alain Franc, Senior Researcher at INRA-UMR Biogeco