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Cloudscape Brazil post-event report. Short version now available

This 2 page report offers a snapshot of Cloudscape Brazil 2014 and the policy issues it explored.  These issues include barriers that are slowing down the use of cloud services in Brazil, such as taxation, bandwidth, energy pricing and data protection, as well as the development of new applications.

The document is available for free download upon registration [Continue reading].

Interview with Alfonso Ríos Alonso, Indra Sistemas, Spain and member of EUBrazil Cloud Connect External Expert Committee

Large companies have a key role to play in supporting innovation in the marketplace and increase uptake of cloud services. Indra, which operates in 138 countries, is one example of this. Its leadership in Spain and the Americas is particularly relevant to EUBrazilCloudConnect. Strengthening ties between the project and this global player can help turn assets from EUBrazilCloudConnect into new solutions benefitting different market sectors  and regions with significant social impact.

This interview was done in November 2014, and we are now pleased to publish it [Continue reading].

Cloud Interoperability and Elasticity with COMPSs at the Interoperability Demo Days and Virtual Cloud Plugfest, London

This presentations was given by Daniele Lezzi from Barcelona Supercomputing Center (BSC) at the Interoperability Demo Days and Virtual Cloud Plugfest, held in London on 12th December 2014.
In the EGI Federated Cloud the COMPSs programming framework supports the execution of the applications across multiple resource providers.

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17 December, 2014

EUBrazilCC as a case study for Ophidia project at ESGF F2F Workshop

EUBrazilCC was mentioned as case study in the context of Ophidia project at ESGF F2F Workshop, Livermore USA, from 9 to 11 December 2014.

EUBrazilCC was mentioned as a case study in the context of the presentation of Ophidia project at ESGF F2F Workshop, Livermore USA. The Ophidia project is a research effort on big data analytics–facing scientific data analysis challenges in the climate change domain. It provides a parallel data analysis service (PDAS), an internal storage model, and a hierarchical data organisation to manage large amount of multidimensional scientific data.

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