EUBrazilCC federated environment

EUBrazilCloudConnect focuses on interoperable, standards-based solutions for cloud computing by advancing cloud technologies and federation. Its aim is to ensure the joint development of ICT solutions for societal challenges of mutual interest between Europe and Brazil, thus building and improving scientific and technological cooperation.

Cloud federation is recognized as being an effective way to increase the capacity of Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) providers, while allowing an efficient balance between the size of the federated infrastructure and the idleness levels (and associated costs) at the individual providers. According to studies such as the Cloud Computing use cases of NIST-ITL and in the Digital Agenda for Europe (DAE), there is still an important need to advance programming models and frameworks fitting current scientific applications, standardization and business models. Federation is also a key area for EU-Brazilian collaborative work to advance and support current efforts around interoperability, federation & software engineering. These efforts build on significant investments in both Brazil and Europe to develop, deploy and foster uptake of cloud and virtualised infrastructures.


An innovative approach to cloud federation

One of the innovative aspects of EUBrazilCloudConnect regarding the federation of resources is the introduction of a new business model, which is based on the bartering of resources. In private clouds the computing capacity is usually defined to attend the peak demand that each local provider receives. Since the average demand is usually much lower than peak demand, the cost of having a large amount of resources idle is a big concern to providers.

Part of the EUBrazilCloudConnect federation will be built with the idea to put these extra resources in a pool where members of the federation can explore and exchange these resources and better attend the user demand when their peak loads cannot be served locally.

A general-purpose eInfrastructure

Meeting the demands of a wider range of user communities is key to ensuring the sustainability of einfrastructures. Satisfying “pent-up demand” by lowering the entry barrier through the federation of clouds based on open, interoperable standards is a key enabler in international collaborative environments, which can also help tackle societal challenges in the public domain.

The EUBrazilCloudConnect will contribute to these efforts by focusing on

  • The creation of a federated e-infrastructure for research using a user-centric approach.
  • The federation of resources, integration of frameworks and programming models.
  • The adaptation of existing applications to tackle new scenarios emerging from cooperation between Europe and Brazil; use cases are relevant for both continents and address topics with high social impact and innovation.
  • Leverage scientific gateways and frameworks to address a potentially much larger user community as well as tools that have already been demonstrated as suitable for large-scale computing.

The applications, adapted through these frameworks will be deployed on a general-purpose infrastructure comprising existing and heterogeneous resources, successfully used for scientific research in the past, and suitable for a variety of business-logic models (low-cost, centralised high-scale low power, cloud bursting, etc.).