PMES, the execution environment

The Programming Model Enactment Service (PMES) is a web service that allows the execution of applications programmed with the COMPSs programming model. A client is used to contact an OGF BES compliant endpoint in order to submit the execution of the application. This request is expressed through a JSDL document containing the application name, the input parameters and data references. When a request is received, a virtual machine is requested to the Cloud Provider in order to deploy the application by downloading its package from a storage location. Once the runtime machine is deployed the COMPSs application is remotely started. On its turn, the COMPSs runtime will schedule the tasks on a set of machines created on demand. This phase includes the staging of input files from remote locations as specified in the execution request. The COMPSs-PMES service can be also configured to boot a predefined number of VMs on the provider where the service is deployed; this solution allows serving requests that involve the execution of smaller operations in a reasonable time avoiding the overhead of VM creation; if the number of requests exceeds the available resources, the service is still able to dynamically deploy new instances in order to cope with the loadburst.

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