CSGrid, Server and Middleware Services

CSGrid  is a system for management and integration of applications in a grid computing environment.  It provides a collaborative and extensible environment to abstract the use of the grid computational resources, providing end-users and domain-specific applications with functionalities for creating, sharing and accessing distributed resources, such as projects data and executable programs. Figure 13 shows an overview of the CSGrid middleware.

CSGrid Server and Middleware Services

The CSGrid Server is a component that intermediates requests from users and client applications to data repositories and execution nodes. The CSGrid data repository is an area where the CSGrid server stores the user base, user projects and algorithms repositories. The user base keeps data about users and their permissions. The projects area has a directory for the projects of each user and keeps descriptor files that hold information about projects and the projects files. The algorithm repository has a hierarchical structure that uses directories to represent each algorithm. Each directory contains a configuration file, the binaries and subfolders containing the algorithm versions.

The CSGrid middleware provides a set of services for the interaction of users and client applications, which are instantiated and exposed by the CSGrid Server. Several options exist for such interaction: i) through RMI (Remote Method Invocation) interfaces, for Java applications that are built using CSGrid Development Kit and ii) through CORBA, using the OpenBus middleware.

Different functionalities are provided by CSGrid Middleware services: Algorithm Management, Project Data Management, Grid Computing Resources Monitoring, Management and Monitoring of Executions, Intermediation of Resources Access to Projects Data, Logs and Notifications, Security and Authentication.

Integration with Fogbow for using Opportunistic and Federated Clouds

In order to make CSGrid capable of abstracting, accessing and using cloud-computing resources, the Fogbow system will be integrated into the middleware. This integration will be performed by the CSGrid internal component SGA, which will be implemented to intermediate and manage execution requests, executing them opportunistically on cloud resources that belong to Fogbow federations with the aid of interoperable protocols such as OCCI.

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