Cloudscape Brazil

Cloudscape Brazil 2014 was amazing to understand about cloud technology from different perspectives such as medical research, SMEs, start-up incubators, natural resources, research and more. The experiences shared by each of these sectors were very useful and interesting”, Fernando Ponciano, Business Manager at VTX Brasil

Cloud computing is no longer a misty concept just for techies but a solid technology for growth and stability in both Brazil and Europe. 

The Cloudscape series ( in Europe was launched back in 2009, mainly for the research community and with a view to driving the use of open standards as a key enabler and leveller. Today, this annual event in Brussels attracts a mixed audience from business, policy and research, keen to share insights and experiences on the fast-evolving cloud landscape. The ability to move with the times and facilitate international debate is a key factor for organising these annual workshops now on a sustainable basis.

The success of the Cloudscape series in Europe has been a key driver in organising a similar annual event in Brazil. A place where business people, public sector representatives and research scientists can connect with developers behind some of the most exciting developments in cloud technologies. A forum for showcasing success stories across multiple sectors and organisations. A strategic event on common priorities and shared strategies in Brazil and Europe to facilitate consensus on the actions that matter. Ultimately, a premier event for all of Latin America. 

Cloudscape Brazil 2015, 1-2 December in Rio de Janeiro. The Cloud at your Service: How business and research are innovating in the CloudRegistration is now open!

Cloudscape Brazil 2014 - the launch event.