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The overarching objective of EUBrazil Cloud Connect is to drive cooperation between Europe and Brazil by strengthening the scientific and knowledge-based society as key to sustainable and equitable socioeconomic development. The core of this collaboration is defined through the scientific uses cases selected, which will require the collaboration between Brazil and Europe in the provision of data, services and expertise.

EUBrazil Cloud Connect will develop & deploy 3 Use Cases:

Use Case 1: A Leishmaniasis Virtual Lab to help in Surveillance. Objective: Advance the molecular identification of parasite and vectors of Leishmaniasis by integrating Brazilian and European biological databases and georeferenced data in two different scenarios (ISCIII and FIOCRUZ).

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Use Case 2: A Pureblood simulator of the whole vascular system. Objective: Advance the exploitation of high-level heart simulation data through the integration of Alya Red (BSC) and ADAN (LNCC) heart simulator which will end-up with a multiscale simulator combining electrophysiology and the modelling of the fluid dynamics for the whole cardio-vascular system.

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Use Case 3: Biodiversity & Climate Change - Analysis to support policy making. Objective: Advance knowledge of climate change through the impact on biodiversity by the integration of data sources (satellite images, high-resolution LiDAR, hyperspectral images and biodiversity occurrence maps), models (physic-chemical properties of vegetation areas, energy fluxes and species distribution). Implement a series of applications for the analysis of biodiversity impacts of climate change (CMCC, UvA, CRIA, UFCG).

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EUBrazil Cloud Connect Use Cases. Ignacio Blanquer, European Coordinator