1. Customer centred, customer's experience

Roger Williams & Michel Drescher
Focus area: 
Cloud services for business - True customer experience is centred around the customer's own journey, not the interaction between a potential supplier and their customer. This paper will illustrate how truly customer centred experiences differ, and how this will impact both the design of cloud services, and how cloud services can support the customer and the supplier to build better understanding of customer experience. Organisations that embrace this approach typically experience rapid growth and are able to harness the power of their advocates.
Who stands to benefit and how: 
SME's can benefit by directing customer communications and relationships in new ways. Shaping demand for products and services resulting in dramatic business growth. Customers of all kinds will benefit by being given far more fulfilling experiences when using products and services, as they increasingly meet expectations and deliver value to the customer.
Focus of your position paper: 
Customer experience is an industry term that is generally used to describe how a customer is managed at each point of interaction with a supplier or service provider. A wide range of cloud based tools have emerged to support this increasingly important business function. However social media, comparison sites, review sites, digital marketing, inset marketing, standard and new media marketing have grown to compliment traditional networks and personal recommendations, the way in which customers needs, expectations and satisfaction can be stimulated or reviewed has changed dramatically. A conventional 'customer satisfaction survey' can demonstrate that the supplier 'did what they said they would do' but the customer could still have a very negative perception of that supplier. the ability to accurately understand the customers perspective requires the development of customer centred and possibly industry centred Cloud based services that capture and shape customer demand and reactions to products and services, providing invaluable resources for SME's to tune their approach to delivering a a highly effective customer experience. This overall approach is called Intelligent Linking and the Customer Experience is captured in the six step cycle described below. This paper seeks to stimulate Cloud service providers to consider ways in which truly enlightening customer experiences can be captured and shared for industries. The Intelligent Linking Customer Experience Cycle Is: - Awareness – How does a customer become aware of a need or requirement for a product or service. What stimulates that need or demand? - Attention – From all of the emergent needs that a customer has, what motivates a person to pay attention to a particular need and creates the ‘intention’ to do something about it? - Access – When seeking to fulfil this need how does a customer go about reviewing the options and choosing the right product or service for them? - Action – When the need is being fulfilled how does a customer ensure they get the most out of a product or service? - Achievement – What is the customers perception of achievement? What value was generated for them and did this fulfil the expectation set at the ‘Attention’ stage? - Advocacy - When reviewing their experience is a customer a positive or negative advocate of the service, and how motivated are they to share this opinion and shape future demand? The challenge is to build services to capture insights from the customer and the supplier perspective and to work to align these perspectives to ensure the best possible customer experience for all.