3. Start-Up Brasil: the national startup acceleration program of Brazil

Felipe Matos
Focus area: 
Start-Up Brasil is the national program for startups acceleration in the country. It provides seed funding and access to acceleration programs of the 12 best accelerators from all over Brazil. After 3 batches of startups selection, counting more than 150 supported companies; the program will be closing its first cycle at its very first Demo Day that will take place in November 6 in São Paulo. In this speech, the Director of Operations of Start-Up Brasil will be presenting the program and its benefits, the Demo Days and other events, as well as some of the results achieved so far.
Who stands to benefit and how: 
Start-Up Brasil is an initiative from the Brazilian’s Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation in partnership with accelerators and with Softex as operational manager. As we have many partners and institutions to support, we have a wide range of stakeholders that we can count on and we must be held accountable. They are entrepreneurs, investors, policy makers, supporter institutions, companies such as IBM, which is our sponsor, government, society and whoever is interested in the startups, entrepreneurship and innovation ecosystem. Society in general will be benefited as startups create solutions to real problems in the cities, houses, and lives. Also, as they grow more jobs are opened, generating more families’ revenue and purchasing power that leads to more work to do. That is, a virtuous cycle for innovation.
Focus of your position paper: 
Taking to the market real solutions that matter Taking ideas to market is about working daily to create something new, different or innovative. It is a deep research on what is out there and what we can do to make it better, to change it, to recreate it, to facilitate it, or to bring a desire in acquiring something we never thought we wanted. Start-Up Brasil is about that. For being a National Startup Acceleration Program, an initiative of the Brazilian Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (MCTI), in partnership with accelerators, Start-Up Brasil is everyday looking new solutions for real problems. Startups that apply to participate in the program are asked to show what they can do to bring solutions to problems we face everyday in our lives. It does not matter in which area this solution; the main thing is to take this idea to the market. How do we that? Start-Up Brasil is a public-private partnership between the federal government of Brazil partnering with qualified accelerators by the program to support new technology-based companies: startups. Startups have the role of constantly revitalizing the market, but they need a healthy environment to develop and be successful. The accelerators play in this context as a market-oriented agent, usually in the private sector and with capacity for financial investment, and have the function of directing and strengthening startups’ development. Each edition of Start-Up Brasil lasts one year and has two public calls, one to select and qualify accelerators and another one to select startups, every six months. During the year, the selected startups are monitored, attend events, and have the possibility to participate in the national and/or international Demo Day, promoted by the Program. Start-Up Brasil integrates the so called TI Maior Program, a strategic program for software and IT services, which is one of the ENCTI (National Science, Technology and Innovation Strategy) initiatives to select IT companies. So far, we have important startups coming out with solutions for everyday life. Many of them are cloud solutions customized to your specific requirements, such as the three mentioned above: • Razoom: Web platform for tour operators to tourism agencies that wants to manage their operations and sell online. All books, changes and different tours can be manage online and in an easy way. • Agenda Beleza – In www.agendabeleza.com.br website, users will find several providers of Beauty and Cosmetic services and they will be able to schedule safely an appointment with their favorite professional from anywhere at any time. Scheduling is free and happens in a few clicks. For professionals, Agenda Beleza is also a facilitator, already providing tools that optimize time and provide a more responsive communication with clients. This speed also benefits customers, who may, for example, know about changes in the appointment through an SMS. • Memed - Memed is online software where doctors can search all drug information from the pharmaceutical industry, available for consultation and prescription in the Brazilian market. In addition, Memed is prescription tool where doctors can use all the updated information about medications and dosages, to make their prescriptions directly from the computer screen into the hands of patients, avoiding errors in reading by the patient or the pharmacist.