Americo Sampaio

University of Fortaleza (UNIFOR), Brazil

"I will present our research on doing performance evaluation and capacity planning on IaaS cloud applications. We have implemented some prototyping tools that enable a user to select what are the best cloud resources to run his application with high accuracy and low costs. We believe that our approach can be highly valuable for the cloud computing community as it tackles a quite challenging and relevant challenge."

Americo Sampaio holds a Ph.D. in Computing from Lancaster University, U.K and a Post-Doc from SAP Research United Kingdom (CEC Belfast) where he initiated his research with cloud computing involved with the Reservoir European Cloud Project. Currently, he works as a Professor at the Postgraduate Program in Computing at University of Fortaleza and has been involved in several cloud computing projects collaborating with companies and other universities specially in the area of building solutions for deploying and evaluating IaaS cloud applications. Moreover, Americo has supervised several postgraduate students as well as published several scientific papers on journals and conference proceedings.