Fernando Aguilar Gómez


“I can provide my vision of how cloud technologies can support the researching and other data-related activities, due to my experience in cloud explotation within Lifewatch community. We have several cloud usage examples that can contribute and help other communities to know what is the best way to use these technologies. These examples includes the use of different tools or technologies that tries to support biodiversity and ecosystem researching."

Informatics Engineer who started to work in different data related project in 2011 at IFCA-CSIC. Fernando has been  collaborating with several institutions in data management that includes the whole data lifecycle (acquisition, analysis, sharing, preservation, etc.) and developing data analysis tools and other software (e.g. TRUFA, www.trufa.ifca.es), exploiting HPC, Grid and Cloud resources.
Within Lifewatch project (www.lifewatch.eu), he has been working in different tasks that includes the support of different Lifewatch National activities and other contributing parts (like GBIF spain), the definition and deploying of the e-infrastructure, main services and EGI explotation with EGI-Lifewatch Competence Centre.
He has also been involved in different internacional projects (COOPEUS, COOP+) that tries to short the gaps between similar research infrastructure around the world (Europe, USA, Brazil, Canada, Australia...).