Luis Claudio Pereira Tujal

SERPRO (Serviço Federal de Processamento de Dados), Brazil
"I guess the experience from the government side on thinking and using the cloud is the major contribution Serpro can offer to Cloudscape. Nowadays it’s not that hard to build and operate a cloud. But the cultural aspects have always been the slight catch, haven’t they? As a public company, Serpro has been standing between the private and the public realities for over 5 decades. For about 9 years I have been working on projects that are slowly consolidating the many aspects on the brazillian federal government scenario. So this experience might be of some interest, I guess."
Aeronautical and Civil Engineering undergraduations on early 1990’s. Law School undergraduate on 2007.
Latu sensu specializations in Computer Networks and Competitive Inteligence and strictu sensu in Hydraulics at UFRJ Civil Engineering Department.
Worked as an engineer for major brazillian civil construction companies until 1997. From this year until 2005 acted as Senior Analyst for SERPRO, developing systems for the Finance Ministry ( mostly the Treasury Department) and the Social Security Ministry. It was the time of the mass effort on building  structural systems for federal administration.
From 205 up to the present has been working as a Senior Consultant and Evangelist on new technologies for SERPRO. MDA framework, enterprise architecture and mostly the cloud computing project have been at some point under his responsibility. Recently, copes along with Information Centre strategy, developing the SERPRO Big Data and Data Lake Project. 
Recent studies are related to astrobiology and quantum computing.