Michel Drescher

Founder & Director of Cloud Consult Ltd., United Kingdom

"In my decades-long career, I have developed a deep understanding of the technical innards of computing and I©T in general. In many respects, cloud computing is no different than traditional IT, yet so different from it: Unlike, for example, IoT, cloud computing is (primarily) not about technology; it is a true disruption of IT service delivery and business models. Engaging in cloud computing thus requires putting your entire business model to the test, developing the right response for each aspect.

My mission at Cloudscape Brazil is to help you understand how to embrace cloud computing the right way by introducing agile service management into your organisation using FitSM, and driving your business by managing customer experience (Cx) the easy way with Intelligent Linking."

Mr. Drescher graduated in Computer Science at University Bielefeld, Germany, specialising in Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, Ethology, Neurology and Cybernetics. In his professional career shy of 20 years of experience, he assumed influential positions in the High Performance Computing (HPC) sector in Germany and Europe, and is a renowned author of numerous standard specifications in this field. 
His professional experience includes mission-critical IT services and components in:
Mobile telecommunications support services (Data Warehousing, OLAP infrastructures, data design and high-throughput high-reliability data querying engines), 
Data Centre/IT service management support services (service management automation, federated CMDBs, etc.), 
Financial services support systems (current and stock trading accounting, investment portfolio management & accounting), and
Implementing and managing the largest world-wide federation of cloud resources in the academic sector.
Mr. Drescher is a regular and renowned speaker at many C-level conferences and conventions worldwide.