Cloudscape Brazil speakers

Fernando Aguilar Gómez


“I can provide my vision of how cloud technologies can support the researching and other data-related activities, due to my experience in cloud explotation within Lifewatch community. We have several cloud usage examples that can contribute and help other communities to know what is the best way to use these technologies. These examples includes the use of different tools or technologies that tries to support biodiversity and ecosystem researching."

Rodrigo Elia Assad

CNO at USTORE & Professor at Federal Rural University of Pernambuco - UFRPE, Brazil

"I will bring into EUBrazil Cloud Connect my expertise and experiences in the IT segment with an emphasis on big data, cloud computing, system contingency, security and high performance computing."

Antônio Tadeu Azevedo Gomes

National Laboratory for Scientific Computing (LNCC), Brazil

"I’ll bring to Cloudscape 2015 my expertise in the development of scientific applications and support software technologies for HPC and cloud computing, and all the experience gained within the framework of the fruitful EUBrazilCloudConnect project on the federation of this diverse infrastructures."

Guilherme Maluf Balzana

Anolis IT, Infrastructure Director, Brazil

"We are a new startup in Brazil which aims to create a secure, resilient and available SDS service for academic researchers and, in the future, become a SDS reference company. At Anolis IT we've experience with heterogeneous environment spread across the country; we contribute to two open source cloud technology, Openstack and Owncloud."

Priscila Solis Barreto

Professor, Computer Science Department, University of Brasília, Brazil

Priscila Solis Barreto is professsor at the Computer Science Department, University of Brasília.

From May/2002 until March/2007, she was a doctoral candidate at the University of Brasília, Department of Electrical Engineering. Her doctoral thesis subject was traffic characterization in multimedia networks.

In 2000, she finished her master studies at the Federal University of Goiás, School of Electrical Engineering. Her master thesis subject was in traffic prediction for ATM networks.

Ignacio Blanquer

Associate Professor, Department of Computer Systems at the Technical University of Valencia

“Brazil is a major Latin-American player in research disciplines such as biodiversity, epidemiology and social data analysis, which strongly benefit from cloud technologies. Liaisons with Brazilian institutions can open the door for many research and business opportunities in Latin America”.

Cristiano Bonato Both

Federal University of Health Sciences of Porto Alegre (UFCSPA), Brazil

"I can present the FUTEBOL project in the scope of the Horizon 2020-EUB3-2015 call: EU-Brazil research and development cooperation in advanced cyber infrastructure."

Francisco Brasileiro

Full Professor, Federal University of Campina Grande, Brazil

"The federation of resources provided by institutions in both sides of the Atlantic and supported by the federation middleware developed and adapted by the EUBrazilCC team enabled the successful execution of the project's three very challenging uses cases. Moreover, the fact that RNP is considering the use of fogbow as a federation middleware for its cloud initiative will make it in many ways interoperable with the EGI FedCloud, giving a good prospect of sustainable collaborations between Brazilian and European researchers using these distributed infrastructures."

Andrey Brito

UFCG, Brazil

"As an open-source contributor and academic researcher, I expect to share and learn experiences that help defining challenges that need to be addressed to supply the technical needs and to increase the adoption of cloud technologies."

Carlos Eurico Canto

CEO at Propus Data Science, Brazil

"I will report the experience of creating a startup focused on Big Data in Brazil with a brief description of the projects developed in the first year and the future outlook for the segment."