Cloudscape Brazil speakers

Americo Sampaio

University of Fortaleza (UNIFOR), Brazil

"I will present our research on doing performance evaluation and capacity planning on IaaS cloud applications. We have implemented some prototyping tools that enable a user to select what are the best cloud resources to run his application with high accuracy and low costs. We believe that our approach can be highly valuable for the cloud computing community as it tackles a quite challenging and relevant challenge."

Michael Stanton

Director of Research and Development at the Brazilian NREN (RNP)

Michael Stanton is Director of Research and Development at RNP, the Brazilian national research and education network. After a Ph.D. in mathematics at Cambridge University, he started his higher education career in Brazil in 1971, and since 1994 has been professor of computer networking at the Universidade Federal Fluminense (UFF) in Niterói, Rio de Janeiro state. Beginning in 1986, he participated in kick-starting research and education networking in Brazil, which included linking a nascent national network first to BITNET in 1988 and then to the Internet in 1992.

Cedric Thomas

OW2, France

"As a global independent open source organization, OW2 has a long-standing relationship with the open source ecosystem in Brazil. OW2 is happy to contribute to Cloudscape Brazil by helping organize a session dedicated to Open-Source, SMEs and Start-ups. Open source software has vibrant supporters in Brazil and OW2 can make sure this integral of the brazilian software industry is appropriately represented in Cloudscape Brazil."

Luis Claudio Pereira Tujal

SERPRO (Serviço Federal de Processamento de Dados), Brazil

"I guess the experience from the government side on thinking and using the cloud is the major contribution Serpro can offer to Cloudscape. Nowadays it’s not that hard to build and operate a cloud. But the cultural aspects have always been the slight catch, haven’t they? As a public company, Serpro has been standing between the private and the public realities for over 5 decades. For about 9 years I have been working on projects that are slowly consolidating the many aspects on the brazillian federal government scenario"